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Figuring out what you want to do "for the rest of your life" is a REAL struggle. But it is especially hard as a teen and young adult: you are planning for your future, figuring out worthy friends and romantic relationships and managing independence with family. Social media, addictive and distracting, is funnily also the only thing keeping everyone "connected" during the COVID 19 pandemic. All of the above have created the perfect storm for teens to be extra stressed these days.

If we work together, I will listen and then listen some more. Together, we will identify your strengths to tackle your current challenges. Your own awareness is the focus. Our time would include art and nature-based activities since talking is not always the way we understand ourselves.



body image


career and professional development

family relationships

gaining trust and independence with parents/guardians

anger management



emotional problems

boundary building with family and friends

goal setting for future

unwanted pregnancy and/or teen moms

Youth Counselling: Text
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