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I have academic experience in mixed methods research in multiple fields including political science, education, mental heath, medical anthropology, psychology, and medicine. I am particularly passionate about supporting community-based/participatory research in the areas of mental health and education while integrating Indigenous and decolonizing research methodologies. I am guided by the four R's where research is based on respect, relevance, reciprocity, and responsibility (Virkness & Barnhardt, 1991).

My Services Include:

Collection of background information

Environmental scans

Literature reviews

Briefing notes

Facilitating community capacity in Research process

Community friendly reporting

Quantitative and qualitative data Analysis and coding

MAXQDA (mixed methods software)

Ethics application and reviews

Indigenous methodologies

Community based participatory action Research

Community engagement planning

Psychometric research

Psychometric development

Online clinical feedback informed treatment

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I have 20 years of teaching and leadership experience in education and health & wellness. My teaching experience has been with all kinds of learners (ESL, literacy, special education) of many ages (6th grade to graduate level students). I combine my counselling and teaching facilitation skills with my experience of education and health systems to offer educational and hands-on workshops to teaching staff, students, healthcare professionals, parents, community leaders, researchers on a wide variety of topic including:

Mental health capacity-building

Research capacity-building

Mentorship modelling and development

Youth mental health

Indigenous healing approaches

Patient advocacy

Youth treatment and interventions

Youth and family resilience

Comprehensive school health

Community-based wellness approaches

Best practices in psycho-educational interventions

Universal school based mental health interventions

Truth and Reconciliation

Standardized Assessments 

Adapting Psychometric Assessments

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